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Vietnamese Cuisine

Rice paper roll - Goi Cuon - is one of the most popular food from Vietnam. It is a finger food, fresh, healthy and yummy. Especially, it is very easy to make. This website, together with Rolling Fun website, bring you the core values of rice paper roll: fresh-easy-yummy, and love-fun-family time. You not only know how to make rice paper rolls, but also experience how to enjoy this healthy food with your beloveds. The first rice paper roll I ate was made by my dad. In my turn, I showed my two sons how to make their first rolls. You can eat rice paper rolls as a light snack or a quick lunch if you don't have time; you can also have the food as a family dinner meal or a party banquet in the weekend. Rice paper roll truly reflects the Vietnamese cuisine and the rich culture of Vietnam.




R22 1-pack Rice Paper Tray

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R16 Mobile-pack Rice Paper Roll Maker Set

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R22 Family-pack Rice Paper Roll Tool Kit for Family


Rice Paper Water Bowl- Clear Plastic


Rice Paper Roll Maker Set for the Couple and Fitness People


10-pack Rice Paper Tray BT11