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Vietnamese Cuisine

Rice paper roll - Vietnamese name as Goi Cuon - is one of the most popular food from Vietnam. It is finger food, fresh, healthy and yummy. Especially, it is very easy to make. This website with many rice paper rolls recipes, together with Rolling Fun website, bring you the core values of the Vietnamese cuisine: fresh-easy-yummy, and love-fun-family time. You not only know how to make rice paper rolls but also experience how to enjoy this healthy and yummy food with your beloveds with the right toolkit. The first roll I ate was made by my dad. In my turn, I showed my two lovely sons how to make their very first rice paper rolls at home and design their own rice paper rolls recipes. You can eat Vietnamese fresh spring rolls as a light snack or a quick lunch if you don't have time; you can also have the food as a family dinner meal or a party banquet in the weekend. Rice paper roll truly reflects the Vietnamese cuisine and the rich culture of Vietnam.

Easy With Toolkit Sets And Videos

From commercial kitchens and Vietnamese families kitchens, we share the same experience to your home. It's easier than ever before to make rice paper rolls with the right toolkit sets. With a few practice rolls, you will surely master it. You can get more guides and tips from our videos page

Yummy Recipes - Snack, Meal & Party

Surprisingly, rice paper rolls are not only a snack, finger food or street food as you might know but also a family meal or a party banquet. You can get many recipes from the recipes page, including alternative options for vegetarians and vegans.

Dipping Sauce - More Fun Facts

When chefs in Vietnam and around the world talk about Vietnamese cuisine, they agree that dipping sauce is one of the signatures of Vietnamese cuisine. Especially, it applies to rice paper rolls dipping sauce. Read more...

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