Book- Authentic Vietnamese Wraps and Rolls By Bui Thi Suong

Author: Hung Tran, Last Update on : 19 Apr 2021

In my hand is a very good book Tinh Hoa Mon Cuon Viet - Tinh Hoa món cuốn Việt from a well-known author Bui Thi Suong (Bùi Thị Sương). The book also has an English translated version called "Bui Thi Suong - Authentic Vietnamese Wraps and Rolls". It reminds me of childhood when I was in primary school.

A sister of mine had cooking books from Bui Thi Suong (Bùi Thị Sương) and Trieu Thi Choi (Triệu Thị Chơi). Books from those authors were well-known in the years 1980. The book is a collection of so rich authentic recipes of Rice Paper Rolls from many areas in Vietnam: northern, central and southern provinces.

You will see diversified flavours of Rice Paper Rolls in 100 pages. 100 pages, it is quite amazing, and just only about Rice Paper Roll recipes. Anything related to Rice Paper Rolls, you can find in this book. Ingredients, Yes; dipping sauce, Yes, authentic Vietnamese herbs in each recipe, Yes; and how to make Rice Paper Rolls, Yes. Everything, including the comment from the chef Martin Yan (well-known with show Yan Can Cook) and the chef Michael Strautmanis (chef from Australia). When I read the introduction in this book, I just knew that Rice Paper Roll was in the top 50 delicious foods in the world by CNN in 2011. In the list, Vietnam had two: Goi Cuon - Gỏi Cuốn - Rice Paper Roll, and Pho - Phở. It is interesting.

Bui Thi Suong has taught cooking in the hospitality industry in Saigon since 1978. She travelled to so many countries around the world to introduce Vietnamese foods. Germany, Belgium, Sweden, US, just named a few. She also wrote a book about Pho - Phở. Hope that you can find the book, Vietnamese language or English language version, for your kitchen.

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