Rice Paper Rolls Are Food For Diabetics?

Author: Hung Tran, Last Update on : 28 Jul 2021

As mentioned in our previous blog, Rolls Recipes Fun Fact In Australia, the diabetes associations welcome rice paper rolls as healthy and tasty food for diabetics. We briefly show several Australian websites listing different rice paper roll recipes for diabetics.

Diabetes Australia shows a vegetable recipe with soy sauce

This rice paper roll recipe has the most popular vegetables, carrot, cucumber, red capsicum, cabbage, and the most popular herbs, coriander, and mint. The only item that needs boiling water is rice vermicelli.

Surprisingly, Diabetes NSW and ACT also introduce this same recipe on its website.


Diabetes Queensland displays a chicken rice paper roll recipe. The chicken recipe is one of the most popular online rice paper rolls recipes in Australia.

It's one of the simplest chicken recipes with just three veggies, red capsicum, bean sprouts, and cabbage. Coriander and mint are the herbs in this simple recipe.


Diabetes South Australia in its supportive Healthy Entertaining Guide briefly suggests a cold roll platter. This healthy platter option is a rice paper rolls platter filled with fresh vegetables, protein, and herbs.

The cold roll is also recommended in the Diabetes SA post about balanced meals and healthy meal ideas.


Diabetes West Australia introduces a good topic in eating out for diabetics. It's no doubt that Vietnamese fresh rice paper rolls filled with prawns, chicken, or tofu are on the list.

Rice paper rolls are often seen as complete rolls in the shops or restaurants. Can you make them by yourself, or eat them as a rice paper roll meal? 

Actually, that's the way Vietnamese families often do. Each member creates their own fresh rolls from shared ingredient trays.

You might think that creating rice paper rolls is difficult, messy, and taking time.

making fresh rice paper rolls with normal water

Absolutely not. It’s not messy anymore, fast, and very easy.

Especially, you can create fresh rolls with normal room-temperature water.

Please see our rice paper rolls recipes on our website.

Or you can use our first-to-market Roll Nutrition Calculator specially designed for rice paper rolls.

For the right recipes for your diabetes, please seek advice from your professional health advisors if necessary.