Rice Paper Rolls Recipes Fun Facts In Australia By Rolling Fun

Author: Mikhaela Cugliari, Last Update on : 03 Jun 2021

Rolling Fun conducted a quick Google research in Australia and found many rice paper rolls recipes fun facts and figures about this yummy food. 
Originating in Vietnam, the rice paper roll is a fantastic, healthy and easy to make family favourite food. It is a great meal to create with the kids to teach them about fresh ingredients as well as improving fine motor skills. There are many different ingredients you can use to make rice paper rolls. Here are some variations of what you can use to fill your roll. Approximately 506 different recipes are available online through the Australia Google search. Of this number, 8% (41 total) of the recipes were dessert based and included ingredients such as fruit, chocolate and cinnamon.

What rice paper roll fillings are the most popular?

According to the number of recipes uploaded on the Australian google search, the most popular protein used in rice paper rolls are shredded chicken (19% of recipes) and cooked prawns (18% of recipes). Adding prawns to the filling makes the roll bursting with freshness and the use of chicken is a simple way to use up leftover meat from your Sunday roast.
For those of us who are vegetarian or vegan, rice paper rolls are a great way to create a delicious meat-free snack that won’t compromise on flavour. A popular protein option for you is tofu (9% of recipes) or an egg omelette (5% of recipes).
The most popular and traditional rice paper roll contains vegetables such as carrot (56%), lettuce (43%), cucumber (43%) and bean sprouts (39%) and fresh herbs such as mint or coriander.

Vegetables/fruit Herb Protein Starch
Mango and Apple Mint Chicken (19%) Rice noodles
Lettuce Coriander Prawns (18%) White rice
Mushroom Dill Smoked salmon (13%) Brown Rice
Green beans Thai basil Roast beef strips (11%)  Egg noodle
Carrot Fresh chilli Canned tuna (9%) Sweet potato mash
Cabbage   Tofu (9%)  
Bean sprouts   Pork (8%)  
Avocado   Egg omelette (5%)  
Snow peas      
Red Capsicum      

*The percentage represents the popularity of recipes in Australia


Is the recipe gluten free?

Rice paper is a thin paper-like sheet, made from rice starch. Some brands specify that the product is gluten-free in their packaging. However, some brands do not. Most recipes use vermicelli noodles as your starch but as some brands contain gluten and if you’re after a gluten-free replacement then quinoa filling is right up your alley!
Gluten-free starch options stocked at Coles:
- Chang's Vermicelli Rice Noodles $2.00
- Sunrice Quinoa $2.80
- Sunrice White Rice Premium Long Grain $2.00
Gluten-free sauce options stocked at Coles:
- Ayam Hoi Sin Sauce $3.50
- Ayam Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce $2.30

A twist on the recipe for the kids/ family/ party:

Another great lunch box option with a sweet twist on the traditional savoury classic rice paper rolls consists of filling it with coconut rice and in-season fresh fruit paired with a sticky palm sugar caramel. As mentioned earlier, 8% of the rice paper roll recipes on the Australian google search are in reference to the dessert sector but your options are limitless. You can oven bake the roll and eat it warm with a scoop of frozen yogurt. Even try cutting the vegetables into different shapes. This makes the meal visually fun for the kids to enjoy and consume.

Are rice paper rolls low carb and great for weight loss?

For those who eat a low carb diet, rice paper rolls can still be consumed but some changes to the fillings may be a great place to start. The rice paper itself contains an average of 4.5g of carbohydrates. Ditch the vermicelli noodles and replace it with riced cauliflower. This is an excellent low-carb and low-calorie alternative to white rice. It has a mild flavour, as well as texture and appearance similar to that of cooked rice, with only a fraction of the calories and carbs. Try to avoid any sauces too as these tend to have a high level of sugar.

Can rice paper rolls be eaten by diabetics?

Yes. The Diabetes Australia Association approves this tasty snack. Rice paper rolls are low carb and low fat but be careful with the choice of sauce you dip your rolls into. Try it with reduced-salt soy sauce or sweet chilli sauce. There are 8 Australian diabetic websites that list different rice paper roll recipes.

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