Which Australian wines go well with rice paper rolls?

Author: Hung Tran, Last Update on : 29 May 2021
Sweet wine pairs well with prawn rice paper rolls

As a fresh, light, and finger food, rice paper roll becomes popular in events and parties. The question is which wines going well with fresh rice paper rolls.
Or in the other way around, if we love drinking wines, says white wine, do rice paper rolls pair well with it?

Since I'm a big fan of rice paper rolls (or fresh spring rolls), I often spend time tasting different wines with different rolls. Yarra Valley, the Victorian vineyard capital, is just an hour from my home, and it's a wonderful place to taste so many different wines.
This blog discusses fresh spring rolls (or rice paper rolls, or Goi Cuon in Vietnamese). We will discuss deep-fry spring rolls (Cha Gio in Vietnamese) in another blog.
As you know, rice paper rolls are made from different fillings. The rolls often have fresh vegetables, fruits, and fragrant and spice herbs. The touch of herb's flavour and veggie contribute a part to bring up the wine flavour. In other words, the wine with its taste matches well with the flavours of the rolls, pleasing you to drink more and eat more.
For seafood rice paper rolls, in general, they go well with white wines. It also depends on your taste bud for particular seafood, prawn, or fish, or squid.
The prawn rice paper rolls go really well with sweet and entry white wines, including sparkling, riesling, Moscato, champagne. You easily make your guests welcome and happy with a glass of Moscato and a fresh prawn rice paper roll in their hands.

prawn rice paper rolls go well with white wines

Image: enjoy fresh prawn rolls with a bottle from Yarrawood vineyard.

I'm a fan of Australian red wine shiraz since I love this strong shiraz taste. In recent years, many Australian vineyards have released sparkling shiraz. From my taste bud, sparkling shiraz is also a good match with seafood rice paper rolls. At least, I can pair my loved red wine with my loved prawn rolls.