Rice Paper Rolls Recipes

Rainbow Vegetable and Fruit Rice Paper Rolls

This recipe was designed and used in Rolling Fun workshops for kids in schools to inspire them to enjoy healthy eating. You can modify color, flavour and taste with different veggie and fruits for your kids. This is Gluten-Free recipe.



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Tool & Utensils

Rice paper roll tool kits: Rice Paper water bowl and Rice Paper tray.
Julienne peeler for carrots.
A pan to cook rice noodle vermicelli.


This recipe is Gluten Free. It inclues gluten-free rice paper wrapper, rice vermicelli noodle, and hoisin sauce.
The recipe presented in this website leans toward DIY recipes. It means that people on the table will select their own flavours and make rolls themselves. All ingredients are in plate(s) to share. The best roll will have the balance of flavours, tastes, and colours.


Vegetables: 1 red capsicum, 1 yellow capsicum, 1 cucumber, 1 iceberg lettuce, 2 carrots, 1 purple lettuce. All are cut or julienned into thin strips.
Fruits: 01 Pink lady apple, 1 box 125g blueberry.
Sauce: hoisin sauce.
Dry food: rice paper wrapper 250g pack (25 pieces), rice noodle vermicelli 01 pack (250g).


Vegetables and fruit are cut or julienned into thin strips.
Sauce: hoisin sauce.
Cook vermicelli with boiling water. Drain well then cut into shorter lengths.
Food Plate(s):
Ingredients are put onto plate(s) so that they could be easily shared or picked up to roll. To get the plate(s) appealing, arrange the veggie and fruits in rainbow theme: red, yellow, pink, green, purple, orange, blue.
If you make rolls for a party, you can use 1 to 4 Rice Paper Trays to roll at the same time.
If you make and eat rolls at the same time, use only one Rice Paper Tray.
Follow 3 simple steps:
(1)- make the rice paper soft and wet by dipping into water socket in the water bowl and rotate one round. Then put it on the tray.
(2) - Select the food ingredients and put onto the soften rice paper on the tray.
(3) - Fold over from the bottom and sides, and firmly roll up.