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The Simplest Hoisin Sauce For Rice Paper Rolls

This post shows the simplest dipping Hoisin sauce for rice paper rolls. While the sauce is direct from a bottle, it reflects the main flavour of the dipping sauce. It is as popular as the tomato sauce or barbeque sauce in Western food.


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Tool & Utensils

Scissors or knife to cut fresh chilli.


If you buy rice paper rolls from a takeaway food shop or street-food store, you probably get this simple Hoisin dipping sauce in a small plastic container. Sometimes the store leaves the sauce bottles there for you to make the dipping sauce by yourself. It's almost the same way of tomato sauce or barbeque sauce for the Western food.


Hoisin sauce (a bottle)

Sriracha sauce (a bottle)

Fresh chilli


Hoisin dipping sauce is one of the most popular sauce for rice paper rolls. It's wellknown for Asian food as the tomato sauce or barbeque sauce in the Western food. This recipe reflects the simplest form of eating this sauce, direct using it from the bottle with a mix of chilli paste and fresh-cut chilli. 

-Get the Hoisin sauce from the bottle to a small bowl.

-Add sriracha sauce next to the Hoisin sauce, but don't mix the two sauces.

-Add fresh-cut chilli slices (optional, if you like flavour of fresh chilli.)

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