Rice Paper Rolls Recipes

Rice Paper Rolls Tofu Recipe With Soy Sauce Dipping Sauce

These simple and yummy tofu rice paper rolls- goi cuon dau hu- are often the snack rolls for teachers at Hoa Nghiem Vietnamese language school, made by chef Trung from the Hoa Nghiem Vegie Hut restaurant, Melbourne.


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In the Vegie Hut restaurant, the tofu is hand-made and prepared with a special flavour for a big number of rolls served by the restaurant each day.
The hard tofu is available in Coles, Woolworths, or IGA.

This recipe was sponsored by chef Trung, the ex-chef of the Vegie Hut restaurant, Hoa Nghiem Temple, Springvale, Melbourne. Now he is the head chef to run the kitchen in Lua restaurant in Springvale market, Melbourne.


Ingredients for Tofu Rice Paper Rolls:

01 bag of Rice Paper Wrapper (250g- there are about 25 pieces in a bag).
01 Iceberg lettuce
01 bunch of mint or a mint punnet (20g)
01 bunch of shiso leaves (also called perilla leaves) (Optional). This herb is available in the Asian food store or market. (Tia To- Tía Tô).
01 hard tofu pack (300g).
01 bag of Rice Vermicelli (100g - 300g)


1. Cook Tofu:
Cut tofu into 0.5cm - 1cm thickness pieces.
Heat some oil in a large pan to medium heat and then fry the tofu till golden colour sides (3 minutes to 5 minutes). Put the fried tofu onto a kitchen tissue paper to absorb excess cooking oil.
Cut fried tofu into square smaller strips 0.5cm-1cm. The smaller is better.
2. Cook vermicelli.
3. Make the dipping sauce: soy sauce.
4. Rolling:
Follows 3 simple steps with tools to roll the Tofu Rice Paper Rolls.
(1) Make the Rice Paper wrapper wet and soften by dipping into water pocket in the rice paper water bowl and put onto rice paper tray.
(2) Put the following ingredients onto the soften Rice Paper wrapper on the tray: iceberg lettuce, vermicelli, tofu, mint, shiso.
(3) Fold the end of the rice paper over the food, fold both sides, then roll it firmly with your fingers.