Launching Rolling Fun Square Rice Paper Rolling Tray

Author: Hung Tran, Last Update on : 25 Feb 2024
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Rolling Fun proudly launches our latest product, the Rolling Fun R22 Square Rice Paper Rolling Tray.
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What is special about this product?

Faster and easier like you've never rolled.

When running our Rolling Fun workshops for years, we have observed thousands of kids and adults making rice paper rolls using our Rolling Fun rice paper roll maker sets. Furthermore, we also observed how commercial kitchens have used existing rolling tray products to make fresh rolls.
The Rolling Fun Square rolling tray is the result of our observation and innovative design process. It has new functional features to help users make summer rolls faster and easier.
The product was granted the registered design 202115283 by the Australian IP.


square rice paper rolling tray


Highlighting new features of Square Rolling Tray

Supporting Square rice papers

The square rice papers are more popular in worldwide markets. More and more wellknown Vietnamese brands provide this square-type rice papers to groceries around the world. Leading Vietnamese brands having square rice papers includes Tufoco Bamboo-tree and Lion Brand.

Rolling Fun Square Rice Paper Rolling Tray supports square rice papers, as well as traditional round rice papers. It also supports both rice papers size 22cm and 16cm.

Optimising rice paper softening process for faster wrapping

A wet rice paper, often very sticky after dipping into water, is laid out onto a rolling tray. This step helps the wet rice paper dry and soften properly. The Square tray has a mesh design with optimised holes and structure to achieve the best softening process for a wet rice paper. As a result, the wet rice paper is not soaked and not sticky anymore. The users will easily wrap and roll.

Easy to pick up a wet rice paper

The Square tray has four big slots to help users use a finger to pick up an edge of the wet rice paper. This design simply makes the wrapping and folding steps faster. It supports any style of wrapping, from bottom-up folding to the left-and-right-side folding during the wrapping process.

Food making tool

The Square tray is used to make fresh rolls. It has raising legs to keep it clean and support food safe.
The tray is also easy to clean by hands or wash by washing machine.


Watch videos from Rolling Fun Youtube channel to see the Square rolling tray in actions!