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The Simplest Dipping Fish Sauce For Rice Paper Rolls

This post shows the simplest dipping fish sauce for rice paper rolls. It reflects one of the authentic recipes of Vietnamese people in the Central Vietnam provinces. It's very simple, only fish sauce and fresh-cut chilli.


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Tool & Utensils

Scissors or knife to cut fresh chilli.


Vietnamese families overseas often use the fish sauce brand Du Son. (The packaging label has an image of 3 anchovy fish).
Fish sauce bottle is available in supermarkets, such as Coles, Woolworths, IGA or Aldi. You can find more brands of fish sauce from Vietnam or Thailand in Asian grocery stores.
This authentic recipe also reflects a character of people from the Vietnam central provinces, simplicity in eating.


A bottle of fish sauce.
Fresh chilli (green and red colour for its beautiful look)


Dipping fish sauce is one of the most popular sauces for rice paper rolls. It's well-known for Vietnamese food. This recipe reflects the simplest form of eating this sauce from Vietnamese people in Vietnam Central area. It's directly used from the bottle with fresh-cut chilli. The chilli from Vietnam Central area is often small and very hot and spicy.

-Get the fish sauce from a bottle to a small bowl.

-Add fresh-cut chilli slices to the bowl, depending on your level of eating hot chilli.

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