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Author: Hung Tran, Last Update on : 05 Jun 2021
rice paper roll nutrition calculator

The software eTool Rice Paper Roll Nutrition Calculator helps you calculate the nutrition information for your rolls. At Rice Paper Roll Australia, we support you to totally enjoy the fresh and yummy Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls. You will get not only the physical maker sets to create fresh rolls anywhere anytime but also the roll nutrition calculator to design proper nutrition for your rolls.

Nutrient information displays by the tool:

When you make a roll by yourself, you know well each ingredient in your roll. If you use this eTool, you will know the nutrients of your roll from those individual ingredients.
If you are on a diet eating and require the right nutritional information for your diet, this eTool will benefit you. You might be interested in general rice paper roll nutrition information. Or you might pay attention to particular nutrients, for example, calories, carbohydrates, or sodium level. The eTool can calculate energy (in calories or in Kj), protein, fat, carbs (carbohydrates), sugars, and sodium in a recipe. You can export the nutrition information panel in a .pdf file.

Cost to use the eTool:

The eTool is free to use.
You just simply enter your recipe ingredients and you will get the nutrition information panel right away.
Since the eTool uses the Food Standards ANZ database, there are terms and conditions applied.

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Food database from Food Standards ANZ:

This eTool database contains the Australian food composition database under its license by FSANZ.
The FSANZ database version is Food Standards Australia New Zealand (2019). Australian Food Composition Database – Release 1. Canberra: FSANZ. Available at
From the FSANZ database, we filter all ingredients which only apply to rice paper rolls. We are working towards adding more data for ingredients. If FSANZ updates its database, we will update the database on our website accordingly.
Rice paper roll is a very creative food. You can roll everything you want. Our database will reflect this dynamic aspect of rice paper rolls while we still follow and keep high standards of the collected data.
To see if a food ingredient is available, you just simply search it in the tool.
If you don't see it, please contact us, and we will plan to include the data for the next release.

The eTool is simple and easy to use:

It takes only two steps to calculate the nutrition information for a roll recipe.
Step 1: enter the recipe name, and select ingredients, enter their weights.
Step 2: enter the serving size and serves per package.
Then you get the nutrition information panel for your recipe.

Release 1.0 of Rice Paper Roll Nutrition Calculator:

Released date: June 2021.
Release 1.0 has the following features:
Food database: original database from FSANZ. Ingredients are filtered for rice paper rolls.
Selected ingredients: popular rice paper roll fillings in Australia as we listed in the previous blog.

ingredients in release 1.0 roll nutrition calculator eToolImage: ingredients in release 1.0 Rice Paper Roll Nutrition Calculator eTool.

Protein ingredients: they are cooked ingredients and ready to roll. See the table below.
Vegetables and fruits, sauces, herbs, and starch: See the table below.

Proteins Sauces Herbs Vegetables, fruits Starch
Prawn Fish sauce Mint carrot Rice noodle (vermicelli)
Fish Hoisin sauce Mix of herbs cucumber brown rice
Squid Soy sauce Basil lettuce white rice
Chicken Barbecue sauce   pineapple egg noodle
Beef Tomato sauce   apple  
Tofu Oyster sauce   capsicum  
Tuna     cabbage  
Egg     mushroom  
Salmon     avocado  

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