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Cook Vermicelli Rice Noodle for Rice Paper Rolls | Rolling Fun

Vermicelli Rice Noodle is one of the main ingredients to make Rice Paper Rolls. Vermicelli is cooked by water blanching method: noodles are cooked in boiling water, removed after a short time interval, and placed under cool running water.


of 100

Number of servings


Time To Prepare


Time to Cook


Tool & Utensils

Pot to cook (size of pot depends on the amount of vermicelli noodles.)

Drainer for blanching cooking method

Large bowl

Slotted spoon (or chopsticks) to get noodles out of pan or testing noodles
Scissors to cut noodles into shorten pieces.


For Gluten-Free noodle, we often use Changs brand, available in Coles, Woolworths, or IGA store.


Vermicelli Rice Noodles

The market now has a good range of vermicelli to meet your flavor and diet eating requirement: normal vermicelli, gluten free vermicelli, vermicelli bean noodles, and brown rice vermicelli, just to name a few.


The time interval that vermicelli rice noodles stay in the boiling water depends on the type of noodle. Normally, the packaging will show the time duration in the boiling water. However it is better to check regularly to see if the vermicelli is cooked well enough by using your finger to feel its softness.

In general, there are basic steps:
1- Check the packaging before cooking for the time interval in the boiling water.
2- Boil water
3- Cook vermicelli in the boiling water, follow the time interval specified in the packaging, and often check by your finger to feel the softness of the noodle.
4. Place the vermicelli under a running cool water for some seconds, and then leave it drain.
5. Cut the noodles into shorter length (about 5cm) so that it is easy to pick up and put onto the rice paper to make rice paper rolls.